The Love That God Is…..

Yesterday I reviewed Chapter 1, we read where God spoke things into existence. That is the power of His mighty word. He spoke and it happened. He did this with everything except for man.

In verse 7, it tells how God formed man from the dust of the ground and then, instead of speaking life into us; he gently breathed life into us. I heard a preacher say recently that God thought so much of man that He got down in the mud Himself and fashioned us by getting his hands muddy, and then He breathed life into us by gently kissing His loved creation. I like this image.

God planted a beautiful garden, called Eden, and He put Adam into this garden. He then saw that Adam needed a companion so He caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and God took one of Adam’s ribs and formed the woman Eve from that rib.

So in Chapter 2, we learn about the Garden of Eden and we learn in more detail how God created man and woman. And in the creation of woman, we are taught a very important truth that society has turned their backs on today.

In verse 24, we are told that a man should leave his parents and be united with his wife and they would become one flesh. The only examples so far in the Bible for man and wife are Adam and Eve. That tells us plainly that God created Adam and Eve to be united as one, not Adam and Steve, and not man and woman living together out of wedlock. This is just one more area in which society would do well to get back in line with God’s design for us.

This brings to mind a point I want to make. God is different than we are. When somebody goes out of their way to hurt us without caring how badly we feel, we tend to hold grudges against them, don’t we? But even when we disobey God, and live in a way that we shouldn’t, God still loves us. How can we do less than to follow the example set by God? Be a bringer of peace and harmony, not a harbour for grudges. Live a life of wisdom obeying God. Say to yourself:

I am a divine instrument of God’s wisdom and peace. I Am a demonstration of God’s love and harmony in everything I do and with everyone I’m with. I lovingly release any thoughts or feelings of discord to the pure light of God’s love, and it gracefully dissolves into the love that God is.

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