When worship becomes ritual….

It’s a really grotty day here. Very overcast. I was wondering why God couldn’t have made the morning like previous ones I’ve mentioned. Sunny and full of the signs of God’s hands. I really felt in the mood to worship then.

Then it hit me. Our God moved the door. The meeting point of the curtains isn’t where we expected it to be. We have to fumble around to find the opening. Are you following me?

God doesn’t want us to have the same experience again and again in the same way. This is when worship becomes ritual. God wants us to find new ways of reaching peace in worship, so he moves the door.

I’m sure you know what I mean. You’ve been in church worshiping to a particular song and you go higher than you have ever been. You feel you are having a personal audience with God. Its wonderful. Next week you sit in the same place, create the same environment around you and sing the same song, yet no meeting. He is there. But No one on one meeting. That is because he has moved the door. He wants us to find him, but doesn’t want us to get ritualistic about it.

I love this about God. Following him will Never be dull.

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