Open the eyes of my Heart, Lord….

READ: Genesis 1:6-8

God called the expanse “sky.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the second day (Genesis 1:8)

Never read these passages in Genesis without asking yourselves what they intend to teach us on a moral or spiritual level. What reality is reflected in the atmosphere’s ability to suspend water above the earth? The key is found in what God called this expanse in some Bible translations: Heaven. There were heavenly waters, and there were earthly waters. Water is frequently used in the Scriptures to depict life. In the book of Revelation, John was told that the great harlot that he saw sitting upon the waters was a picture of the false church and that the waters were peoples and nations and multitudes gathered together (Revelation 17:15). Thus, the waters here in Genesis can be taken as being a picture of human life.

God may be saying by this description that there is earthly life and there is heavenly life, but, with the Spirit hovering over the waters He is also saying that we are surrounded by a spiritual kingdom which is as real as anything we can see or taste or touch or feel. And from it, just as from the atmosphere around us, comes blessings such as joy, love, and peace; hope, trust, and power, that make human life happy and even possible. As rain falls upon the just and the unjust alike, so do these blessings come equally to the good and the bad. Paul reminds us that all these mercies upon the just and the unjust alike, come from God in order to lead people unto repentance (cf. Romans 2:4) and to make them stop and think, “Where does this come from? Why are we granted the ability to love others?” The apostle tells us that all these blessings come from the loving heart of a Father who pours them out even upon those who are resistant to His will. These blessings grow fewer for unbelievers, as life goes on, because of their resistance to the grace of God. For the believer they are in ever increasing abundance.

As the waters here on earth are invisibly drawn up and disappear into the higher ocean above, so the human spirit, as it comes to the end of its journey, leaves this earth, and is drawn up to the kingdom of heaven depending on the attitude shown during their life towards the redeeming grace of Jesus Christ. What these verses beautifully show us is that there is a life to come after our life on earth.

Lord, I realize that I cannot see everything with the eyes in my head. Open the eyes of my heart that I might see Your spiritual blessings that govern my very existence.

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